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Ingrown Nails and Antibiotic Use

I find in my practice an overuse of oral antibiotics with respect to clearing infections of ingrown toenails.  This is a not needed when a patient has a routine nail infection.  In my 26 years of practice, I can count on 1 hand how many times I have written for an antibiotic in a healthy patient.  The simple procedure of an incision and drainage of the offending border is a definitive cure for most ingrown nails.  With respect to the diabetic foot, antibiotics are also rarely used in my practice.  The use of antibiotics can be harmful in mild infection due to increase in blood sugars with some antibiotic use.  The best care for toenail infections is a prompt visit to your local board certified Podiatrist for evaluation.  Keep antibiotics out of the equation until evaluated.

– Dr Kazmer


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