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Orthotics Don’t Just Help Your Feet: Learn How They Can Improve Joint Pain

You’ve probably seen shoe inserts for sale at your local pharmacy and they may have even been labeled “orthotics.” However, there are important differences, including the fact that orthotics are custom-designed to help correct your specific issues. Although orthotic devices are frequently used to correct problems with your feet, they can also aid in relieving some joint pain. 

Biomechanics, misalignment and pain

When you pause to think about the mechanics of taking a single step, it’s mind-boggling. The bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments of your feet, ankles, knees, and hips all work in harmony to propel you forward, and the entire concert is repeated with each step. Your body anticipates and adjusts for uneven terrain, stairs, obstacles, and more.

But, what happens when something goes wrong? For example, maybe your ankle turns in just slightly more than it should with each step?

For awhile, your body can probably adjust and you may not even notice. Over time, though, the whole concert may become slightly out-of-tune, and your joints begin to show the wear and tear of constantly adjusting. The result is likely pain. 

Orthotics get you in tune

When you come to Kazmer Foot & Ankle Centers with joint pain, Dr. Kazmer may recommend orthotics. An orthotic is a specially designed device, often that fits into your shoe, that can correct the misalignment that’s causing your pain.

In the example above, where your pain arises from your foot turning too far in with each step — a condition referred to as over-pronation — an orthotic device can correct the problem with your ankle, and that, in turn, relieves pressure on your knee. 

Joint pain and wear and tear

Often, joint pain is a result of wear and tear on the joint, whether it’s due to misalignment or simply time. In either case, limiting the motion of the joint may help lessen the wear and tear and ease the pain you feel.

There are more than 100 different conditions that fall under the umbrella term “arthritis.” One of the most common types of arthritis is knee osteoarthritis (KOA). KOA makes simply carrying out your day-to-day activities difficult. 

In the last 30 years or so, scientists have focused on the possibility that biomechanics may play a role in KOA. According to Podiatry Today, “Numerous scientific studies have clearly demonstrated the beneficial therapeutic effects of foot orthoses in the treatment of mechanically based foot and lower extremity pathologies that cause significant pain and disability.” In other words, orthotics help with joint pain when you have KOA. 

Custom care for you

Dr. Kazmer provides individualized treatment for each of his patients. Your joint pain is not the same as anyone else’s, and your treatment should be designed to address your problem. When you come in for an evaluation, Dr. Kazmer completes a thorough physical exam and takes a detailed medical history in order to understand the root of your problem. 

Similarly, orthotics are custom-designed for your body. Dr. Kazmer creates a device according to the exact specifications that correct your problem.

If you’re ready to learn more about how orthotic devices may be able to ease your joint pain, book an appointment at Kazmer Foot & Ankle Centers today. We have two locations, and you can easily schedule an appointment at the one that works best for you using our online tool, or simply call our office during regular business hours. 

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