Why Does Cushioning My Heel Not Relieve Heel Pain?

Heel pain also known as plantar fasciitis manifest in the heel and can be extreme at times. The actual cause of the pain is the fibers of the plantar fascia pulling at the insertion on the heel bone. This pulling at the insertion of the heel bone causes inflammation and trauma. The body responds by laying down bone at this insertional area in an effort to heal. The continued inflammation at this site results in the formation of a boney spur. The most common cause of this irritation at the plantar fascial band is the lack of arch support.

The lack of support allows the arch to fall that lengthens the plantar fascial band and increase the pull forces at the insertion on the heel bone. Therefore, padding the heel adds little to alleviating heel pain. The most common treatments include anti-inflammatory medication and arch support. Surgical intervention is very rare and a treatment of last resort.

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